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3-Year Warranty

The only headset that can switch from single speaker to dual speaker 

*Both included*

A one of a kind feature no other headset can offer! When your office is quiet, use the single speaker. If the noise increases, add the dual speaker attachment and you'll be able to zone in on your calls without being distracted.

Predicting your future business needs can be challenging. When your phone system changes, headsets typically change as well. Whether you switch to a phone system on the computer or mobile phone, simply add a cartridge with your Adapt 30 and that same wireless headset you love will now work with your new phone system.

Patented Modular Design Allows You To Add Cartridges To Expand Functionality.


Out of the box compatible with 98% of corded desk phones like Avaya, Polycom, Cisco, Mitel, Panasonic, and more!

Professional grade sound quality allows you to hear and be heard crystal clear.

The Discover Adapt 30 wireless headset system is built for businesses who need a headset that's lightweight, easy to use, sounds great and adapts to your ever-changing needs. 


The Adapt 30 is the only headset available that allows you to convert between a single and dual speaker wearing style (both come included) and a modular design allows a USB or Bluetooth cartridge to be added in the future as your needs change.


Whether you moved to an open office and now need headsets that cover both ears or you decided to switch to a softphone, instead of purchasing new headsets as your systems change, the Adapt 30 is one headset that grows with your office. 

Flexible charging to give more options to keep your headset fully charged.

With a conveniently placed micro USB port on the Adapt 30 headset, you have the flexibility to charge your headset with or without the charging base. 

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Simple & easy to use design.

Magnetic charging dock ensures your headset is placed in the correct charging position at all times. Easy to adjust microphone control and connection ports make the Adapt 30 simple to set up, use and adjust as needed. 

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Discover Adapt 30


Convertible Wearing Styles

Switch Between Mono or Dual Speakers. *Both Included

Capable of Unlimited Talk Time

300+ Feet of Wireless Range

+6 Hours Talk Time

3-Year Warranty

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Connects to 99% of Deskphones

Modular Design - Add Either PC or Bluetooth Connectivity

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You'll spend 1,920 hours in the office this year.

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