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The Original Discover  D904.



The All-New Discover  Adapt 30.

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The convertible wireless headset that started it all and comes with unlimited talk time.

The world's first modular wireless headset for business that adapts to your growing needs.

Never worry about a dead battery again! Located on the charging base is a built in battery charger to allow a second battery to charge.

Included is both mono and duo headband so you can seamlessly switch between listening with one or two ears. The only headset on the market capable of this.

Seamlessly connect to both your desk phone and computer with just one headset. This means you can be listening to your favorite music then quickly answer a call.

Futureproof - with the patented modular design you can easily add either USB or Bluetooth cartridge. When your needs change your headset can adapt without having to purchase a new headset.

All day comfort - Included are 3 sizes of ear loops and a headband. You can choose which wearing style is most comfortable for you.

Standard 3-year advance replacement warranty. This means you're headset will always be up and running and it's up to 3x the protection of most headset brands. 

Every Discover® headset comes with

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60-Day Trial

Free Shipping & Returns

3-Year Warranty

There's a Discover® Headset for everyone

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Convertible Wearing Styles

Switch Between Mono or Dual Speakers. *Both Included

Unlimited Talk Time

300+ Feet of Wireless Range

+6 Hours Talk Time

3-Year Warranty

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Connects to 99% of Deskphones

Modular Design - Add Either PC or Bluetooth Connectivity

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